Communication Strategy

Sage Media Ltd applies communication techniques and tools to develop effective communication strategies and implementation plans.

Creatives & Production

You can entrust Sage Media to produce the most compelling and high quality adverts and documentaries.

Media Relations

Our long-standing relationship with various media houses puts us in the best place to educate the media concerning your products and best practices.

Media Buying

We will negotiate, purchase and monitor advertising space and airtime on behalf of clients with the aim of reaching the highest number of people in the target audience. Timely, prominent and cost effective services Benefit from our unbeaten value addition.

Events Management

Sage Media has been trusted to plan and organise promotional, exhibitions and business events. Our team of experts take time to envision the event's creative elements and conjure up a strategy that gives our partners the desired experience.

Reputation Management

Sage Media will help you take control of the perceptions people have about your business. Through our monitoring techniques and silent listening on the online spaces, we are able to advise on best practices to help you remain in good standing with your target audience.

Political Risk Assessment

With combined newsroom, Public Relations, Political Communication and Government communication expertise, Sage Media Ltd. offers you a one stop platform to assess who is likely to emerge winner in National and County Government level polls, campaign, election and the aftermath climate. Sage Media Ltd. will also help assess individuals likely to take up critical appointments which might impact on the business policy and environment for business leaders to make decisions.