Media and Image Management Training

Effective communication skills are important both at individual and institutional levels. Successful organizations and individuals are those that have mastered the art of precisely crafting their message and putting it across.

Studies suggest that effective communicators are able to leverage on their effectiveness for success in the marketplace. Institutional success needs an effective communication team to execute their communication plan.

This includes engaging with the media to effectively promote your aims and objectives. We can get you communicating effectively through our five point Media and Image Management training:

  1. Improvement of self’s and institution’s communication skills.
  2. Greater understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of media: via newspapers and magazines, radio, television and social media.
  3. Individual and institutional positioning in order to take advantage of media dynamics.
  4. Increased consciousness of self’s and organizational image and its impact on communication
  5. Increased effectiveness in communicating with the media and beyond
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